Fun Facts ABout Galway Ireland

Galway city may not be among the largest city across Ireland, but the city probably boasts to have the largest welcoming heart. From amazing seascapes to landscapes to wonderful Irish culture and narrow streets filled with activities, this town indeed has everything. The city is indeed full of flawless beauty, entertainment, and adventure as well as fun facts. Since it is impossible to outline most of the facts with a single post, this article will only describe the leading fun facts about Ireland.


The beautiful park that is situated at the heart of this City is officially known as JF Kennedy park. Nonetheless, this park is recognized by numerous Irish residents as Eyre Square. In the early 1970s, this city was rebranded to JF Kennedy following a tour of the then United States’ people’s president J.F Kennedy. This square boasts the city’s old gates as well as the defending cannon.


There are several popular symbols linked with Galway. You are possibly familiar with Claddagh Ring, the iconic ring of friendship and love known across the universe. Aran Sweater which is located in Galway Aran Islands has possibly become a symbol of the country itself. Additionally, Galway Hookers are among the City’s signature ships.


Galway also boasts a long movie history. below are some of the wonderful movies that were shot at this city; The Guard, this movie was shot around 2011 and was even nominated for Oscars Awards; Marley and Me which was released at the start of 2008; Tristan and Isolde released around 2006; Into The West released around 1992, among many others.


You should also be aware that the beautiful city of Galway is given the nickname, the city of Tribes or (‘Cathair na dTreabh’). The City was given this name after the fourteen merchant families that led this town during the period of Hiberno-Norman.


The city is also famous for its numerous festivals and vibrant lifestyle where they serve baking bread with coconut flour, events as well as celebrations that include the summer’s Galway Arts Festivals. This festival is popular for its famous parade of the Macnas (the arts group).


In 2007, Galway was ranked as one of the leading ‘sexiest cities’ in the universe. The following year, 2008, the city was indexed as the forty-second best tourist destination across the world. This same report ranked Galway as the 14th best tourist destination around Europe.


In this city, there are nearly over 7000 Irish speakers, and this translates to more than ten percent of the population. Additionally, the city is also the third largest city in Ireland and the only town from Connacht Province. From the previous census, this city had a population of above 70,000 persons. Most people regularly know the city as the ‘Cultural Heart of Ireland’ as the city is often linked with the Irish music, language, dance traditions, and songs. Galway town is also on the doorstep of Galway Gaeltacht (an area where Irish is mostly spoken).


The most popular person born in this great city is the legendary Hollywood actor Peter O’Toole. He was born Peter Seamus Lorcan O’Toole around 1932 in Connemara. He is famous for his role in the film known as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ released in 1962. He also holds the record of most nominations at Oscars Awards without actually winning.


When you tour this City, you may feel as if you have gone to the moon and back. The city’s rugged beauty alongside friendly people will genuinely change you.


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